binchotan kishu charcoal

by Morihata


Morihata's Binchotan charcoal is made in the Kishu region of Japan. Skilled artisans transform raw wood into charcoal sticks by burning oak branches at extremely high temperatures (2300°F) and then rapidly smothering the flame with dirt. This process of heating and cooling carbonizes the structure of the wood, leaving countless microscopic cavities that easily trap unwanted chemicals. One gram of Binchotan charcoal has as much surface area as a tennis court.

Charcoal's porous surface pulls chemicals out of tap water, and Binchotan charcoal is regarded as the highest quality of activated charcoal for purifying water. Its alkaline qualities also soften and improve the taste of tap water.

Each bag includes a random assortment of charcoal pieces of various sizes.

For preparation instructions, please see our Journal.

1/4 lb